If you are experiencing some issues with your Camera when using our Web Application, please make sure that you have enabled the camera in your Windows Settings and set necessary Camera Permissions for the browser you are using.

Windows settings [Windows 10]

Open your windows settings.


Go to the Privacy section and open the “Camera” tab. Make sure that:

  • Camera access for this device is ON
  • Apps are allowed to access your camera
  • Desktop apps are allowed to access your camera:
    • Make sure that the browser you use is listed here

Some Laptops have a Camera quick ON/OFF key located on the keyboard. Make sure to check this your camera is not turned off by this feature as well.


Browser settings

Please check one of the following articles, depending on the browser you use:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Brave Browser

Open your Shields panel in the address bar and change the "Fingerprinting" setting to "All fingerprinting attempts allowed" and let the page refresh. Then check the camera again.
(Blockpass checks if a camera is available in the device, Brave Browser considers this action as fingerprinting and blocks it by default)

Safari Browser




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