Blockpass KYC Connect dashboard enables an easy communications channel with your users. Whenever you start to review the application, reject an attribute, approve the application (or execute any other action), you can send your user a message.

All the messages are sent to the user via e-mail or push notification on their smartphone or other mobile device, depending on the type of Blockpass app they use.

Dashboard allows you to send a free-format message by specifying it manually, or choosing one of the pre-canned messages:



Here's how you can add/edit/remove your pre-canned messages.

Open your Dashboard Settings and click on "Operator Messages" tab.


In this tab you will see a list of sections. Each section corresponds with an "action" that your operators can execute within the dashboard.

Review - a review of the application is initiated.

Approval - application is completely approved.

Feedback - feedback is sent to the user. This is a general message to the user when an attribute of their application is rejected.

Delete - user's application is deleted from the dashboard completely.

Reject - a reason for rejection of a certain attribute of user's application (e.g. rejection of a selfie picture).

Notification Reminder - notification/reminder system. Sends a message to the user. Can be used, for example, to remind to complete the application.




  • Click "New Tag" to add a new pre-canned message
  • Click on the "X" button to delete a pre-canned message
  • Turn "Allow to edit" on/off, to allow or deny manual input. 
    • OFF means only pre-canned messages can be used.



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