If you are a Business, you can create an account and start on-boarding users with just a few simple steps - no integration required:

1) Open and create an account in the Admin Console

2) Create your first Service

3) Select a Plan for your Service. In the Plan tab, you will see the pricing for services. If you need further information to assist you in selecting a particular Plan, please click here for detailed information

Noted: If the volumes are higher than the volume limitations listed for the plan that you are on or you want the KYB scan/Individual AML check for your users then you need an Enterprise plan. Please select Enterprise Plan in the Plan tab on your Admin Console page.

4) Set up your service according to what information you want to collect. This article can help you with this 

5) If you select Plus or Standard plan for your service, generate a verification link or use our QR code widget to share it with users and start on-boarding them If you select Enterprise plan for your service, Blockpass will send you an email containing an Enterprise Order Form and a Telegram group link where Blockpass can resolve your queries and help you on-boarding.


For more information on customization, using of APIs and other functionality - please check the complete manual in Blockpass documentation.




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