We offer KYB services for Enterprise clients.

If you are an Enterprise customer and require KYB Services, please ensure that you have selected this option in the Enterprise Order Form or let us know if you want to add this to your package.

Blockpass KYB solution includes: 

  • Corporate AML check
  • UBO’s KYC verification
  • Entity corporate document gathering

The Corporate AML check is to determine if the name of the company is on the sanctions list or not. There are other data points gathered. Those may include whether there may be any Adverse Media associated with the company concerned. Also, there may be at times insolvency results available.

In order to use the KYB service, you are required to complete onboarding of our Enterprise Plan. Kindly refer to this article to get started using the Blockpass service: 

For more information about our KYB Service, please kindly send an email to




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