Before starting to create a service to onboard users you will need to create a Business Account.  It is required to access the Blockpass KYC Connect Admin Console and the cloud-hosted KYC Connect Dashboard.

Create your Business Account

Visit to be redirected to the Blockpass single-sign-on system.

Then click to link to register a new account, and follow the on-screen instructions.


You will need to:

  • Accept the Business Terms 
  • Provide and then verify your email address (using the verification-code emailed to you)
  • Choose a user-name and set your password for the account

You will be automatically logged in, and your browser may automatically redirect back to the Admin Console home page.

Logging in

Visit or while not logged-in to be redirected.

Enter your registered email address and password.

Your browser will automatically redirect to the Admin Console home page.

Logging out

One logged in, clicking your avatar at the top-right displays a menu with an option to log out.

Viewing your account details

Clicking your avatar at the top-right displays a menu and choose Profile option to view your member account details.

This will show details such as your:

  • Display name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Language
  • Member account ID

Clicking UPDATE will send you to the associated page to update your account.

Updating your account details


You can also access directly if you need to change your username or password.

It is not currently possible to update your avatar or email address.

It is advised to Turn on 2FA for security reasons. You only need to enter your password one more time and then scan the QR code with your 2FA application of choices. More information can be found here.





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