We understand that sometimes you may require some additional information from your users, such as, for example, their source of funds, or their planned volumes of transactions and trades. We also understand that you want to have a smooth, streamlined onboarding process.

At this stage, you are only able to render a "form" or "questionnaire" from what is available in the KYC Requirements tab of your Service. Anything that falls out of the standard scope of KYC process is not included by default. We invite you to read the Service configuration: KYC Requirements FAQ for more information on this matter.

For any additional information, you can create a separate form using Google Forms, Jotforms, or by creating your own customized form. You can then automatically redirect your users to this form immediately after they submit their KYC to you by adding a link. More information on how to add the redirection link can be found here.




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