Blockpass provides an 'as is' KYC service via our website A Business can create an account and select one of our pre-made packages: Standard, Plus, Enterprise. Each of these pre-made packages is based on international standards for online remote onboarding of users. The rules are fixed and cannot be altered by the Business. 


What are those KYC Rules?

We request that all users submit a correct name. If the name is incorrect as compared with the identity document submitted then it is rejected. The reason for this is that we are unable to perform an AML check based on inaccurate information. As a Business, your user may therefore appear to be 'stuck' as they has submitted an incorrect name and we have asked them to re-submit a correct name which they have not done as yet.


We do not accept any images of monitors for identity documents. Any identity document submitted to us must be a 'live' picture of a physical document. We do not accept scans of identity documents. We do not accept images of monitors for the live photo of the person. Any picture that is a picture of a monitor screen showing a person will be rejected. 


Your users may therefore be 'stuck' as they may have ignored our requirements and sought to provide inadequate pictures. It is our position that submission of non-live images of documents or persons is a high risk position. 


For Proof of Address, we have an article here that explains our KYC rules. Note: we do not accept an identity document as a proof of address if it has been used as a means of proving identity first. We do not accept unofficial documents, including correspondence as a proof of address. 


Our KYC rules track international standards. If you believe that we are not following international standards in this area please feel free to submit to us a ticket at


From your point of view as a Business if you review your list of INCOMPLETE please consider that these users have been REJECTED by us and are in a process of remediation. They may not successfully meet our KYC rules in which case they will not be available for you to accept in your Dashboard. 


If you require custom KYC rules then you need to be on our Enterprise plan which allows for full customisation to meet your objectives. Please create a Service and choose Enterprise plan in the Admin Console. Our operators will contact you via the same email you provided when created the account. If you need to verify more than 100 identities per day then please reach out to get set up on Enterprise. 




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