Welcome to Blockpass, where we offer two services to cater to your specific needs: the Pay-as-You-Go and Enterprise services. Whether you prefer a self-service option or require a comprehensive KYC solution with unlimited usage, Blockpass covers you. Please look at the details below to learn more about each service and find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Comparison between Plans

Feature Pay-as-you-go Service

Enterprise Plan

(monthly minimum)

Service Type Self-service Tool Comprehensive Solution
KYC Package Levels

Standard, Plus

Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Growth, Enterprise Corporate.
Add-ons Included AML verification

 Plus Plan

Proof of Address Verification  
Unhosted Wallet KYC  
Crypto AML  
User Verification

Automated Approval


Automated Approval & Remediation


Managed Service


Enterprise Corporate plan



Plan migration and customize function by Blockpass.


Data Retention

Approved records - archived 4 weeks after submission

Other statuses - deleted 4 weeks after submission

Extended storage based on your specific needs.
Free Trial   7 days free trial
Payment method Bank card

Bank card



Standard: $2 per profile

Plus: $2.5 per profile

(*) Minimum monthly:

Enterprise Starter: $249 per month

Enterprise Growth: $499 per month

Enterprise Corporate $999 per month


(*) Enterprise Monthly Minimum


Add-ons for Enterprise Corporate


Verification support tier in Enterprise Service

Verification support is provided in different tiers based on customers' specific requirements.

Tier Self-managed Service

Managed Service


Dedicated Operator


Verification Source and Service Management
Auto-approval by KYC Bot

Automated remediation by Advanced KYC Bot

Option with applied fee



Manual remediation by Blockpass operator  

User Support

Technical Support and basic helpdesk resolution
In-depth verification support  
Advanced AML investigation    
Dedicated support email    
Support availability 8 hours/ day within 5 business days 8 hours/ day within 5 business days 8 hours/ day within 5 business days
Helpdesk initial response time Up to 24 hours Up to 6 hours Immediately/ Up to 3 hours

Customer Support

Questions about service and its functionality.
Service Development/ Customization
In-depth support in checking user’s profile  
Daily/ Weekly report    


Get Started with Blockpass

Start onboarding service with Blockpass by following this instruction:

Pay-as-you-go Plan - Getting Started with Blockpass: A Simple Guide for Customers

Enterprise Plan - Getting Started with Blockpass: A Simple Guide for Customers



1. On-chain KYC(™)

2. Advanced KYC Bot: A Solution for Profile Verification

3. KYB

4. Unhosted Wallet KYC


Need Support?

Contact Blockpass to get support at:

  • Support Form
  • Telegram: @bp_telegram_helpdesk_bot
  • Email:



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