This guide provides instructions on exporting documents from your business users' profiles from the KYB dashboard.

How to export the documents

1. Log in to the KYB Dashboard: Access the KYB Dashboard login page and enter your credentials. Once logged in, select the specific service you're using.

2. Select the KYB Profile: Click on the KYB profile you want to export documents for. Note that only profiles with an Approved or Consider status allow document export. Profiles under In Review cannot export documents.

3. Locate the Export Option: Navigate to the profile's Summary section. In the top-right corner, find the Export icon and click on it.

The export file is a compressed zip file containing all associated documents for that specific KYB profile.


Content of the Downloaded File

The downloaded zip file will include:

  • Submitted company documents
  • Corporate AML scan results
  • Individual AML scans results of Controllers within the company

Batch Export Currently Unavailable: The KYB Dashboard does not currently offer a function to export documents in batch. You will need to export documents on a company-by-company basis.




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