Mobile App users

Mobile App users primarily store their identity data and control over their data in their phone memory. Therefore If you lose your Password or your backup file and can’t access your Identity anymore, your Blockpass Identity is lost. Blockpass does not store your Password or a copy of your Identity created through the Mobile app, and therefore can’t help you restore it.  Access to the mobile application is protected with your password or biometrics (if activated). But if someone gets access to your phone and knows your app's password, they will be able to use your identity. If you think this might be the case, contact us immediately at the following email address

WebID users

If you are not using the Mobile app then you are a WebID user. A WebID user may use magic links to access their account. Alternatively, a WebID user may set a password for their account. If you have set up a password for your account and then forget the password you can use the forget password function to recover access to your account. This assumes that you still have control over your email. 

If you are unable to restore your identity there are a few things you can do to continue to be able to use Blockpass. Below we have suggested a few actions that will assist you. 

Create new identity 

For both Mobile App and WebID users you can always create a new Identity anytime, but only one identity can be associated with a single email address. You can create your new Identity using:

  • A different email address
  • [For GMAIL users] You can insert a plus sign with a combination of words in your email address. For example, you could use Gmail will not look at what comes after the plus sign in the address and emails will come straight to your main inbox. You can also use @googlemail instead of @gmail for the same purpose.

Request data deletion

If you don't want to create a new email address and account on Blockpass you will need to request the deletion of the data associated your current account. Once the data has been deleted then you can create a new account with your existing email address. If you want to delete your account then please check this article on the procedure to follow. 

If you have a backup file of your Identity - you will be able to restore it. Check this article for more details about backing up and restoring your Blockpass Identity.




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