As a person who owns and controls your own Blockpass Identity, you are allowed to change the information any time. We also understand that some changes in your profile are natural, such as a possible change of name if you got married, or change of your passport picture if you received a new passport.

Such changes, however, will invalidate your older Certificates. For example:

  • Change of Family Name will invalidate your existing Passport certificate and Sanction list check certificate,
  • Uploading a new passport picture will invalidate your existing Passport Authenticity check done by Onfido,
  • Uploading a new utility bill document, or changing your address in the app will invalidate your existing Proof of Address certificate.

You will still hold and own these certificates, and in some cases may even be able to use them with some businesses or services. When reviewing your certificates, these third party services will see that your data have been changed. They may:

  • Simply on-board you if they think the modification is natural (e.g. your address hasn’t changed, and you have uploaded a more recent utility bill),
  • Contact you for clarification,
  • Request a new certificate.

When your on-boarding is processed, the service may decide to issue a new certificate for you that will help your next registration.




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