The User Profile Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of user profiles, allowing operators to navigate and understand the information contained within each section easily. When operators click on a profile from the user's list view, they will be directed to the detailed view of that profile.

The detailed view is located in the left navigation panel and consists of three main parts: Summary, Certificates, and Blockpass Profile.


  1. Summary Tab

The Summary tab provides essential information about the user, including their general details, KYC status, and submission timeline. Operators can also add comments as notes to a profile, though please note that comments cannot be edited or deleted after being added.

Additionally, the tab displays logs that provide a detailed overview of the user's KYC process, including their submissions and any actions taken by the operator. The tab also offers various actions that can be performed on the user's profile, such as exporting, archiving, deleting, and blocking.


  1. Certificates Tab

The Certificates tab is only available when using the paid plan for the service. It allows operators to view the results of KYC checks automatically conducted by the Blockpass system.

There are five types of certificates available:

  • Identity Authentication
  • Sanction List and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) (Included in the Plus/Enterprise Plan with AML check)
  • Selfie Liveness and Face Match
  • Proof of Address (Enterprise services - Customer collects proof of address from users)
  • Crypto Address (Enterprise services - Customer utilizes the Unhosted Wallet KYC service)

By clicking on the title of each certificate, operators can delve into the details of the results.


The "Details" section presents the specific issues flagged by the system, assisting operators in conducting thorough checks and implementing appropriate remediation measures.


For a better understanding of the results displayed in the certificates, please refer to the following article: 


  • The color of the bullet icon next to a certificate shows if there is an issue that should be investigated more. The section/ certificate result is CLEAR if the icon is blue. It could be orange or red, depending on the severity of the issue.
  • Each certificate is cryptographically signed by the issuer and by Blockpass. These signatures should always show as matched; an unmatched certificate suggests a possible forgery.


  1. Blockpass Profile

This section details the user's submitted data, allowing operators to investigate and take appropriate actions thoroughly. Operators can either approve the profile or initiate remediation if any discrepancies are found in relation to Blockpass or customer-defined KYC standards.

Operators can approve the profile or carry on the remediation if they determine any issue against the KYC Standards of Blockpass or Customer.


Actions during Profile Review

  1. Starting a Profile Review


To begin processing a profile, operators can click "START REVIEW" at the bottom-left of the profile detail view. This action moves the profile from the "Waiting for Review" status to "In-Review," enabling operators to proceed with remediation.

  1. Available Actions

After initiating the review, KYC operators have the option to either accept all attributes of the profile or reject specific attributes with a customized message. It is crucial to review all attributes before accepting and approving the profile carefully.


Sending Reminders to Users

In cases where a profile is rejected and users fail to address the issues or overlook notification emails, operators can click "SEND REMINDER" with a customized message. This action sends a reminder to users, notifying them of the current status of their profile or prompting them to take specific actions.


 Return to Dashboard Overview


After finishing the remediation on a profile, you can return to the main page of the Dashboard by clicking the Blockpass icon at the top-left corner.





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