When you are using Blockpass, your document is being checked twice. First time is when you scan it in order to extract your personal information (name, surname, date of birth, etc). Second time is when your document is being verified by our AI for authenticity.

In order to complete both checks, we require a high quality live picture of your Identity Document (passport, national identity card or driving license). 

We strongly recommend using a smartphone when taking a picture of your Identity Document. If you are using our Web application on your laptop, you can click on the button "EMAIL ME A LINK". You will receive a link to your email address, and will be able to easily continue on your Smartphone by opening up that link.

Taking a picture that meets our requirements may sometimes be complicated, we know... So here are a few tips to help you through this process:

  • Option to upload your ID document to Blockpass
    Blockpass will not accept nor tolerate any attempts to upload your ID document to Blockpass. You will not be able to upload any ID document to Blockpass other than taking a LIVE picture of your ID document
  • Image is cropped
    Make sure that all 4 corners of the identification page are shown in the picture (see passport example below).
  • Glares, shadows, reflections, holograms
    Please make sure that the page with your information shows as minimum glare as possible, as glares can make it hard to recognize the text of the document. Poor light, shadows as well as direct light sources can also make the text difficult to recognize. 
    Make sure that none of the above also covers your own photo on the identity document, as it may make it difficult to further proceed with the Face Match check.
  • Fingers or other objects
    Make sure you are not covering any text or your face picture on your Identity Document with your fingers or other objects.
  • Document is expired
    An expired document cannot be accepted. Make sure you are submitting a valid document.
  • Scans or pictures of monitor
    Make sure that your Identity Document picture is a live picture of physical document.
  • Other
    • Make sure you are choosing a correct category for your document. For example, Driver's license uploaded to National ID card section will be rejected.
    • Intra-country (domestic) documents. Some countries (e.g. Russia, Ukraine), have their own internal Passports that are accepted locally, but are not internationally recognized passports. Such documents shall be considered as "national identity documents"
    • In case your device can not focus on your Identity Document, please try to clear the cache, data and permissions and try again.
    • In case our system can not read your Identity Document or fail to read the back side of your Identity Document, please try to take both photos as front side of your Identity Document/ Driving License instead.





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