You will need a Blockpass Identity either on Blockpass App or Blockpass Web ID to engage with Blockpass partners and apply to their Businesses. If you haven’t created your Blockpass Identity yet or don’t know how to start, please check this article first:  HOW DO I START?

For Mobile App users a Business will place a QR code or button somewhere on their website, or Business can send you a Verify-with-Blockpass link. Some Businesses are also featured in Marketplace.

Here is a short list of steps that you need to take in order to apply:

  • As you are a mobile app user scan the QR code on Service’s website or click on the business logo on our Marketplace.
  • The Service will ask from you certain details to be filled in the app. This information and documents will be shared with the Service if you go ahead 
  • After you completed adding all your information. Click “Register”

You will receive a notification when a Business starts to review your application, approves it, or requests some extra information. You can also check the status of your application in the mobile app.

Read our next article if a Service rejected an element of your Identity and asked you to update it:




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