Blockpass application uses an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract data from your Identification documents.

This means that when you are taking a picture of your Passport with the Blockpass app, it will extract all Machine Readable data from the document and fill in required fields, such as your Given Name, Family Name and Date of Birth, with the data extracted from the document.

If you changed your Given Name or Family Name after your Identity Document (ID) was scanned, this could result in your Given Name or Family Name being rejected by the service.

Tips for correct Given Name or Family Name:

  • Given name in some countries is also known as First name or simply Name
  • Family name may also be referred to as Last name or Surname
  • Make sure your full name is specified:
    • Given name field must include all (if multiple) Given names, as well as Middle names if used
    • Family name field must include all (if multiple) Family names
  • Every time you scan a document, it will replace the previous Given Name/Family Name values with the values extracted from the document.
  • It is common in some Countries to not use Given Names or Family names. If that is the case, please specify N/A in the field that is not used (note that our OCR scan may do that for you in certain cases)
    • N/A means not available


Other country-specific tips:

  • In the Chinese name 毛泽东 (Mao Ze Dong), the Family name is Mao, i.e. the First name when reading (left to right). The given name is Ze Dong.
  • In Vietnam, names such as Nguyễn Tấn Dũng follow the order Family Name - Middle Name - Given Name. The Family Name is Nguyễn, and the Given Name is Tấn Dũng.
  • In the USA, it is quite common to only have the initials of your Middle name in your Identity Document (e.g. John J Johnson). In this case, the "J" initial shall be specified in the Given Name field.
  • In the Philippines, the same middle initial would be considered a part of a Family Name (it represents the mother's name before marriage).
  • Some countries, like Malaysia, may have a different passport format and may specify both Given Name(s) and Family Name(s) into one single line - Full Name. Depending on the MRZ format of the passport, your Full Name may be scanned into the Family Name (s) field or the Given Name(s) field. 
    • In such a case, please make sure you specify "N/A" in the unused field.

Guide on name format: 
Please put ‘N/A’ in the Family Name or Given Name field if it is not applicable

Ethnicity Particular case (if available) Family Name (FN)/ Last Name/ Surname  Given Name (GN)/ First Name  Example
Chinese/ Taiwanese/ HongKong
Normal name 1st word Remaining word(s) Chen Xiao-ling

Family name: Chen

Given Name: Xiao-Ling
Name including Christian name 1st word after Christian name Remaining word(s) Denise Foo Li Leen

Family name: Foo

Given name: Denise, Li Leen
Malaysian   Remaining word(s) 1st word Washil Al Ahdab

Family name: Al Ahdab
Given name: Washil
Japanese   1st word Remaining word(s) 坂本冬美 (Sakamoto Fuyumi)

Family name: 坂本/Sakamoto
Given name: 冬美/Fuyumi
Vietnamese   1st word Remaining word(s) Nguyen Gia An

Family name: Nguyen
Given name: Gia An
  Remaining word(s) 1st word Vidya Tripathi

Family name: Tripathi
Given name: Vidya
  Words after “S/O or D/O” Words before “S/O or D/O” 

Ishaan S/O Duttagupta

Family name: S/O Duttagupta
Given name: Ishaan
Devi D/O Rajaratnam

Kabir D/O Rajaratnam
Family name: D/O Rajaratnam
Given name: Kabir

(S/O and
D/O to be in Family name)

Name includes only 1 word/ 2 or more words but does not include FN/Surname N/A Full name Sukarno

Family name: N/A

Given name: Sukano
Name including GN/Surname 1st word Remaining word(s) Abul Haris Nasution

Family name: Nasution

Given name: Abul Haris
Name includes only 1 word Name N/A Bakar

Family name: Bakar

Given name: N/A
Name includes 2 words 1st word/ Full name Remaining word(s)/ N/A Md Ershad

(1) Family name: Ershad

Given name: Md

(2) Family name: Md Ershad

Given name: N/A
Name includes 3 words 1st word/ 2 first words Remaining word(s) Md Ali Ershad

(1) Family name: Ershad

Given name: Md Ali

(2) Family name: Ali Ershad

Given name: Md
Name includes 4 words 1st word/2 or 3 first words Remaining word(s) Md Ali Ershad Siddique

(1) Family name: Siddique

Given name: Md Ali Ershad

(2) Family name: Ershad Siddique

Given name: Md Ali

(3) Family name: Ali Ershad Siddique

Given name: Md
Others (USA, GBR, etc)   Remaining word(s) 1st word Maggie Smith

Family name: Smith

Given name: Maggie





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