Every certificate issued by Blockpass has an expiration date: 

  • The Identity Document Certificate will usually expire the same day as the Identity Document itself. 
  • Some identity documents do not have an expiration date; certificates issued for documents without an expiration date, will have a 10-year expiration term.
  • FaceMatch Certificates will expire the same day as the Identity Document Certificate.
  • The Proof of Address Certificate expiry date is set at 3 months since the issue date of the Proof of Address document provided.

Certificates will also expire when:

  • The user changes their identity document:
  • Uploading a new Passport/National ID will invalidate the Passport/National ID and FaceMatch certificates.
  • Uploading a new proof of address will invalidate the Proof of Address certificate.
  • A certificate is Revoked by the issuer following a report/request from a business or merchant. When that happens, you as a Merchant will receive a notification like this one:


  • If a certificate is revoked by the issuer, a user’s application will show as “INCOMPLETE” until the user goes through verification again and receives a new certificate.
  • If the user has already been approved by you and his certificate has expired, their application will continue to show as “APPROVED”.

What should you do when you see such a notification?

This depends on the requirements and internal procedures of your business. 

  • If you don’t need to update the information about the user and the user has already been on-boarded by you, you can simply ignore this notification.
  • If you want to receive a new document and a new certificate you can click the “START REVIEW” button and reject the document related to the expired certificate (e.g. Passport if Passport Authentication certificate has expired, or Utility Bill document if Proof of Address certificate has expired):
    • The user will be prompted to submit a new document.
    • Upon submission of a new document, the user will be forced to verify their new document first.
    • Due to the new verification, the user’s status will turn to “INCOMPLETE”.
    • Once the document is Verified you will see the new document along with the new certificate in the dashboard, and the status of the application will show as “WAITING FOR REVIEW”.
    • You will receive a notification when the user's information is updated.





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