Blockpass allows users to submit their data for verification (KYC check) in two different ways:

  • Mobile application (available for android and ios devices)
  • Web (available on any device that supports web browsing through apps like Chrome or Safari)

Below you will find the main differences between these two platforms.

Mobile application:

  • Must be downloaded separately from Appstore or PlayStore
  • Utilizes full camera capabilities of your smartphone or tablet
  • Better image quality is almost guaranteed as most smartphones have better cameras compared to an average laptop camera or webcam for a PC
  • Personal data is stored on your device only
    • Recommended to save and store a backup file of your identity for further use
    • If app is uninstalled or installed on a new device without a backup file - data is lost and can’t be recovered
    • If you forgot your password - data is lost and can’t be restored
  • You can check your verification progress and application status in the mobile app

Web (WebID):

  • No need to download any extra application
  • Can be used on any platform that supports web browsers (laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet)
  • Limited camera capabilities due to browser limitations
  • Potentially worse image quality if used on a laptop or a PC with a webcam
  • Data is stored on Blockpass encrypted servers
  • You can check your status/progress here: 

Important to note: 

  • Mobile application is not synchronized with the Web-based application (WebID). That means that if you have registered once using WebID - you won’t have the same Blockpass Identity in the Mobile app. If you want to switch between platforms - you will need to create a new Identity
  • You can’t “restore” your Web Identity in the Mobile app
  • You are not allowed to use the same email address for both platforms. If you already have an identity with Blockpass and want to create another one - you will need to use another email address
  • If the service you are applying to does not allow you to use the web-based application, that means that they have not enabled it on their side. Please contact their support and ask them to update/enable web-based applications
  • When you enter your email in the widget Blockpass will recognise if you are a web or mobile user and offer you a specific way to share your Profile. For example a Mobile app user will see a QR code if they are signing up on Desktop or a link if they are on mobile. You should note that email addresses are case-sensitive. If you enter '' this will be different to ''. The system will consider that there are two separate accounts.



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