As part of our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions for Enterprise Customers, we are proud to offer the Know Your Business (KYB) service. With Blockpass' KYB service, we take on the responsibility of collecting and verifying company data on behalf of our valued customers.

Blockpass' KYB solution encompasses the following key features:

Company Verification:

  • Cross-referencing company data for accuracy 
  • Verifying the completeness of required documents.
  • Validating the existence of the company.
  • Verifying the Registered Address.
  • Conducting a Corporate Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check.

Officer Verification:

  • Cross-referencing officer data for accuracy 

From provided data to confirm precisely the list of officers in the company, including Management Controller(s) and Beneficial Controller(s).

  • Apply CDD 

The Authorized Representative, Management Controller(s), and Beneficial Controller(s) go through Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

To ensure a seamless experience for Business Users throughout the KYB process, Blockpass does not impose any specific rules. We accept all Identity Documents, including passports, national IDs, and driving licenses, without restricted jurisdiction limitations. However, if you have specific considerations or additional KYC rules you would like to apply; we encourage you to contact our team. One of the general rules may be related to the restricted countries.

Exclude certain Residence/ Nationality or Jurisdiction.

Unlike our KYC service, which restricts users from signing up if they reside in restricted countries, Blockpass allows all Business Users to submit their company profiles. During the KYB process, we cross-check personal and company details against your specific KYC rules. If we identify that a Controller or the Company is associated with a restricted jurisdiction, we will alert you in the KYB report of the Business User.

Once the KYB report is completed and the Business User confirms their intention to share the report with you, we will promptly send it to you via email. It is important to note that Business Users who do not meet your KYC rules will still have the option to share the report with you.

You have the freedom to review the KYB report and make an informed decision regarding the acceptance of the Business User. Rest assured, Blockpass will not disclose any particular rules associated with your service during the KYB process.


To utilize our KYB service, you must complete the onboarding process for our Enterprise Plan. For detailed instructions on how to get started with the Blockpass service, please refer to the following article: 

For further information about our KYB Service, feel free to contact us by submitting your request through our online form at or send us an email at




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