Blockpass Managed Service

Blockpass offers Managed Service for Enterprise Clients. After you are onboarded with us as an Enterprise client, users are able to start to submit their profiles to your Dashboard. Cases that fail automated checks (roughly 30% of total submissions) are queued for review by your team. We can assist in that process by providing to you an automated remediation process under our Managed Services. Managed services is usually for very high volume engagements or if you do not have resources for manual review at this stage.


Necessary stipulation to use the Managed Service

1. You must register your service under Enterprise Plan

2. The Managed Services is selected in the Enterprise Order Form (provided by Blockpass after you sign up with Enterprise Plan)

3. The configuration of the Dashboard is set to 'auto-approve'

We only apply the Managed Service to profiles that fail auto-approval. We do not check profiles that are auto-approved by the system.

If you have more requirements or wish to change the verification standards, we offer the 'Custom KYC Rules'. Please kindly send an email to to discuss your requirements. In case you have had a Telegram group with Blockpass already, kindly leave your message there.

If you are currently the Plus/Standard Client, please contact us to upgrade your Service to the Enterprise Plan.




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