Most Users in Blockpass are verified and approved by our automated system in just a few minutes.

If there is no deficiency with your Profile then as long as the Business is willing to accept automated onboarding, you will be approved instantly when you re-submit your Profile to the new Service.

This means that your onboarding experience with other Services should be instant.

However, there are certain scenarios where Users do not experience a swift onboarding process.

This is because their Profile has been flagged by our system and then, as a result, is always subject to manual review by the Service you apply to. And even if the user has been approved, after a manual review by a Service, they will still need to be manually approved if they apply to another Service.

For users that fall within this category and experience a longer onboarding process the common types of deficiencies are likely to be as follows (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Low quality image of Identity Document or person provided
  • Incorrectly entering name as compared with the Identity Document. (Note: if an ID is in one language only then your name should be in that same language.)
  • Identity Document deficiencies such as expired document, obscuring of document
  • Non compliance with liveness requirements
  • Name appears on Sanctions, Adverse Media or Politically Exposed Person lists

How do you resolve these deficiencies to speed up onboarding?

Manual Review by a Business

During manual review you may be requested to re-submit a document or enter your details correctly. For any request, you should receive a notification via email or via the Mobile App. You can always consult or on your Mobile App to check your status and understand what remediation is required by you. A request could be an opportunity to resolve a deficiency of your Profile but may not be conclusive. The reason that a Business may not be able to resolve the deficiencies of your Profile is for regulatory reasons and prioritisation.



In any event, we invite you to read our materials here on how to "ace your KYC!". If you are still unsure on how to resolve your issue please contact But please note that during periods of high volume our support team may be delayed in responding to you. If your issue has still not be resolved then it is likely that you may need PASS Club Priority Support.


PASS Club Priority Support

PASS Club Priority Support is the most conclusive way to optimise your experience if you are experiencing a slower repeated onboarding process. For PASS Club members with 100,000 PASS Tokens in their wallet they are able to submit an application to PASS Club Priority Support and for Blockpass operators to be completely transparent surrounding the user Profile deficiencies. Our goal in PASS Club Priority Support is to help the user get their Profile into an improved state that the Profile may be auto-approved and to help the user maintain that improved state. This is not always possible as some deficiencies are unresolvable and can only be mitigated but we target the common deficiencies of a Profile which usually can be rectified first.


To sign up for PASS Club Priority Support please go here. There are limited slots available for PASS Club Priority Support and have introduced the first cohort of 50 available slots for PASS Club Priority Support. We intend to introduce new cohorts later.




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