A Business is in control of what their onboarding requirements are. They configure the requirements that apply to you. When you click on a KYC link you will see the requirements set by that Business.

These requirements may entail restricting certain countries from signing up or may limit the type of document that they are willing to accept. Blockpass does not set these requirements.

If a Business has opted for Blockpass to verify your documents then we process those documents in a standardised manner. This document verification is to determine the authenticity of the document you have presented. If there is an issue with the document presented then we will flag the document for  the Business to review. The Business will decide ultimately whether to accept or reject your application.

You should check your status to determine whether the Business has replied to you or requested further data from you to complete your onboarding.

If you have any questions regarding why you have been rejected by a Business then you should contact the Business directly. 




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