The Blockpass Glossary will help you understand the terminology used in our documentation, FAQs and on our website in general, as some of the definitions are Blockpass-specific.

Identity (Blockpass Identity). Blockpass Identity is your unique re-usable profile stored and used within the Blockpass ecosystem. You can create, manage, and share your Identity using our Mobile or Web application. Your Blockpass Identity consists of different elements, such as your Name, Date of Birth, Passport picture and Certificates.

Certificate(s). Certificates are packaged and sealed results of the verification of your data. There are different types of Certificates and each of them confirms an element of Your Identity (e.g. authenticity of your passport of a confirmation of your residential address). Certificates are issued by different Verifiers. 

Verifier(s). Verifiers are different parties who check your data. Main Verifiers used by Blockpass are Onfido (Identity Document Authenticity) and ComplyAdvantage (Sanction list and PEP list checks). Some verifications are done by Human Operators.

Sanctions / Sanction lists. Sanction lists are issued and maintained by Governments and Financial Authorities. Sanctions may be imposed against separate Individuals or Entities, or Entire Countries.

PEP / Politically Exposed Person - a person entrusted with a prominent public function (politics) or holding a top-level position in a state-owned company. A relative, business partner or any other person close to a PEP may be considered a PEP as well.

Adverse Media - any kind of negative or unfavorable information found across a wide variety of news sources.

Verification is a process during which elements of your Identity are reviewed and checked by different Verifiers. In the end of this process, the user receives a Certificate(s) containing results of said Verification.

Human Operator(s) are private individuals contracted by Blockpass to manually check data submitted by Blockpass users and Verify elements of their Identities. 

User(s) are simply any end user of the Blockpass app, who creates his Identity within the Blockpass ecosystem and uses the Blockpass app for onboarding with Blockpass-compatible Services.

Business(es) are third party legal entities. Businesses provide different Services (e.g. Exchanges, IEO/ICO platforms, corporate services, virtual accounts etc), for users within the Blockpass ecosystem.

Service(s) are Blockpass-compatible Services that use Blockpass KYC tools for their customer onboarding. Services are provided by Businesses, and one Business can set up multiple Services within the Blockpass ecosystem.

Partner(s) - any third party entity that is a part of the Blockpass ecosystem, such as Businesses or Verifiers.

KYC Connect is a top-tier Verification provided by Blockpass. It includes Identity Document authenticity check, PEP/Sanction list check, FaceMatch and Proof of Address verification.

PASS Verify is a lower-tier Verification provided by Blockpass. It includes gathering of Identity documents, PEP/Sanction list check and FaceMatch.

PASS Club is a membership Service provided by Blockpass. Members of PASS Club have access to exclusive offers provided in Blockpass Marketplace. PASS Verify is a requirement for becoming a PASS Club member.

Mobile app is an iOS or Android application that allows users to create a Blockpass Identity, verify elements of their Identity and then use their pre-verified Identity for seamless onboarding and communication with Blockpass-compatible Services.

Web app (WebID) is another Identity management application created by Blockpass. Using our Web app does not require downloading a Mobile application, but serves the same purposes - Identity Verification.

Identity Document is an official, government issued document that can prove a person's Identity (e.g. ID Card or a Passport).




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