PASS Club is a verified e-commerce and rewards network specifically designed for use by Blockpass Members. Members of PASS Club have access to exclusive offers provided in Blockpass Marketplace. Becoming a PASS Club member also allows you to whitelist your PASS (ETH) address and enables PASS token transactions from your ETH address.

Visit our website to find more information about PASS Club

Becoming a member. To become a member of this Club, a user will be able to join via the identity portal. Membership of PASS Club will not be immediately available for mobile Blockpass application users. If you have PASS Tokens then note that you will be required to go through the token activation process called PASS Verify to transfer them. This requires you to (1) accept the PASS Protocol terms, (2) create an identity on Blockpass (3) submit your address (4) submit your date of birth (5) submit your email address (6) submit your ETH (or other compatible blockchain) address. We do not store a record of data sent. We only retain the fact that verification checks were completed at the time. ACTIVATE YOUR TOKENS HERE:

Join PASS Club today by clicking this link and following the instructions provided.






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