When utilizing Blockpass, your document undergoes two checks. Firstly, it is scanned to extract personal information such as your name, surname, date of birth, etc. Secondly, our AI verifies the authenticity of your document.

We strongly advise using a smartphone to capture the picture of your Identity Document. If you use our Web application on a laptop, click the "EMAIL ME A LINK" button. This will send a link to your email address, allowing you to easily continue on your smartphone by opening the link.

While capturing a picture that meets our requirements can sometimes be challenging, we provide the following tips to guide you through the process:

 Do Don't

Take a live picture of your physical ID document

Submit a non-live ID image, scan, or photo from the screen
Select the appropriate category for your document Submit a different type of document from the ID type selection
Use landscape mode when taking a picture with a mobile phone

Take a picture in portrait mode.

This reduces the size of the ID shown in the image, which may result in difficulties when reading the data

Ensure all four corners of the ID are visible

Crop the image results in some information on the ID being obscured or lost

Minimize glare, shadows, and reflections on the ID Take a picture with glare, shadows, or reflections obscuring the information
Take a clear picture where all data is readable and nothing obscures the ID information Take a blurry picture or a picture where something (ex, your fingers) covers part of the ID information

💡 Other tips

Focus Issues: If your device has trouble focusing on the Identity Document, consider clearing the cache, data, and permissions, and then try again.

Lighting: Use natural light whenever possible. Avoid using flash, as it can create glare.

Background: Use a dark, solid-colored background to help your ID document stand out.

Reading failures: If our system cannot read your Identity Document or fails to read the back side, try taking photos of both sides as the front side of your Identity Document or Driving License instead.
Intra-country (domestic) documents: Some countries (e.g., Russia, Ukraine) have internally accepted passports that are not recognized internationally. Such documents are considered "national identity documents."


These guidelines ensure a smooth verification process and help maintain the integrity of our platform. If you encounter any difficulties, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance at 





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