For this verification to work seamlessly, your face should be entirely visible in the photo.

When your selfie picture is rejected, this could be because one of the following:

  • The quality of the picture is insufficient
  • The selfie picture provided does not match the photo in the Identity Document
  • Selfie pictures of monitor or screenshots are not accepted for Face Match verification

Here are some tips for taking a good photo:

  • Your phone might use a mirror function by default. Make sure that the passport in the picture is not flipped.
  • Make sure that the camera focuses on your face.
  • Don’t stay too far away from your camera; make sure your face can be seen in full size and in detail.
  • Make sure there is enough light in the room. Taking a picture in the dark will result in a bad quality image and your selfie will most likely be rejected.
  • Avoid using/wearing accessories such as glasses, scarfs, unless the same accessories are seen in your passport picture. 



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