Types of accepted documents:

  • Utility bill linked to the residential property, such as gas, electricity, water, internet, landline telephone
  • Mobile phone bill
  • Bank statement (current account, card)
  • Credit card statements
  • Statement from known regulated financial institution
  • Bank reference letter
  • Government issued document (e.g. tax return or any other government issued document including identity document) if valid

The requirements for above documents are as follows:

  • Document must be issued within last 3 months (the exception to this is a government issued ID document)
  • Document must show who the issuer is of the proof of address document
  • Document must be issued in your name
  • Document must show an address you are trying to verify

Other points to note:

  • Documents that are edited/tampered will not be accepted (however you are free to redact transactionally confidential information such as transaction data from for e.g. a bank statement).
  • Screenshots or photo of your computer screen monitor are accepted if readable.
  • The picture of the document must show clearly all required information (Name, address, issue date and issuer of the proof of address).
  • Do not worry if the image is a bit blurry as long as it is readable.
  • If an ID document is provided as proof of address this will only be accepted if different to the Identity Document used for National ID/ Passport or Driving License Verification.
  • Correspondence as a form of proof of address is not accepted.
  • Handwritten documents are not accepted.

Language of the document. We will accept most languages in Cyrillic and Latin characters. Additionally, we accept documents in Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese. Please only write in English your address in the input provided and ensure the translation is accurate before submitting. However please note any non-English languages may take longer to process and we may request you to re-submit certain details in native script for comparison purposes. Further, any errors in submission will delay the process.  

Supported file formats
The proof of address must be an image .jpg or .png with a size less than 15MB


If your submitted document does not meet all above requirements, we will reject Proof of address and you need to re-submit another valid one. Therefore, please provide a document that meets all the above requirements.

Above are the Proof of Address requirements of Blockpass. It may be the case that the Business you are submitting your data to has other requirements that may apply. However, if the Business has accepted Blockpass rules for KYC then the following will apply. 





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