Depending on the platform used (mobile or web), your data is stored differently. When you apply to a service or a verifier, your data is shared with them and they receive a copy of your data, regardless of the platform used.

Mobile application (android/ios)

The data you upload to the mobile application is stored on the mobile app only, until the moment you share it with 3rd party verifiers or services (e.g. if you have applied for an account on a crypto exchange using Blockpass and shared your data with that exchange).

This means that deleting the app will delete your data completely, except from the servers of those services you have applied to, as explained above.

Web application (WebID)

The data submitted through our web application is stored on encrypted servers hosted by Blockpass. Once you submit it to a 3rd party service, they will receive a copy of your data. 

Deleting the data

If you wish to delete your data from Blockpass servers, you are free to do so by submitting a formal request to

The review of your request may take up to 2 weeks and Blockpass may request additional information to identify you and confirm that you are the owner of the identity that you request to be deleted. 

If you have shared your data with 3rd parties as described above, Blockpass will not be able to delete it from their servers, you will need to contact them directly.

For more information on how we collect and store data please check our Privacy Policy.




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