You can migrate your Blockpass account from the Web to the secure enclave of your own mobile phone.

*Please note that email usernames are case-sensitive. By way of example, if you log in with this would be different from You will not be able to log in or you will accidentally create a new account if you enter the wrong case-sensitive email. Therefore, ensure your input email is identical to the one you would like to migrate.

On the web browser

  • (1) Connect
  • (2) Input the email address that you have used to register Blockpass
  • (3) A magic link is sent to your email address, click on the magic link in the email (optionally input your password if you have already secured your account with a password)
  • (4) Click the menu icon on the top right
  • (5) Click the “Migrate to Mobile app” entry in the menu
  • (6) In the new screen, click “Start Migration”
  • (7) If you have not created a password for your account yet, you are requested to create one.
    • Input a strong password
    • Confirm the password
    • Click “Continue"
  • (8) In the new screen, a QR code is showing with a pin code below. Click the eye icon to show/hide the pincode.

At this step, continue the migration on your mobile device


In your mobile device

  • (9) Download the Blockpass mobile application on your mobile device
  • (10) Open the application to make sure it is installed correctly
  • (11) Do not input your email address at this step
  • (12) Close the Blockpass mobile application.
  • (13) Use your phone camera to scan the QR code displayed at step (8)
    or open the email that Blockpass has sent on your mobile device and click the link.
  • (14) The Blockpass mobile app should open automatically
  • (15) Input the pin code displayed at step (8)
  • (16) Wait for the profile to download locally
  • (17) Once your profile is installed, input your password
  • (18) Migration is finished.

Your account is now stored securely in your mobile device 🎉





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