Welcome to Blockpass, where we offer two services to cater to your specific needs: the Pay-as-You-Go and Enterprise services. Whether you prefer a self-service option or require a comprehensive KYC solution with unlimited usage, Blockpass covers you. Please look at the details below to learn more about each service and find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Pay-as-you-go Service - Self-service Tool

(Support channel - Email/ Chat via Helpdesk)

Blockpass offers a pay-as-you-go service that allows customers to tailor their Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements using a self-service tool. With the KYC Bot, customers can enjoy automated approval for profiles and manually verify flagged profiles identified by the Blockpass automatic verification system. If users encounter technical issues, they can seek assistance by submitting a ticket or message through the link: If users wish to remove their identity account from the Blockpass database, they can request assistance from the Blockpass Support Team.


Enterprise Service - Comprehensive Solution for Businesses

(Support channel - Telegram group, Email/ Chat via Helpdesk)

For customers needing a comprehensive KYC solution with unlimited usage, the Enterprise Service is an ideal choice. The Enterprise Service offers three levels of KYC packages: Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Growth, and Enterprise Corporate.

Additional services are available to cater to customers' varying KYC demands, including Know Your Business (KYB) service, Unhosted Wallet KYC, Crypto AML Wallet, Proof of Address Verification, and the Enhanced KYC service based on the customer's requirements.

Blockpass takes care of configuring the service dashboard for customers based on the KYC requirements they have submitted through the Enterprise Order Form. 

Upon completing the onboarding process, Blockpass offers the customers a certain period of using the Free Trial, which provides an opportunity to test the service to ensure that the service meets the customers' requirements and expectations before officially launching to users.

Verification support tier in Enterprise Service

Verification support is provided in different tiers based on customers' specific requirements.

Tier Self-managed Service

Managed Service


Dedicated Operator


Verification Source and Service Management
Auto-approval by KYC Bot

Automated remediation by Advanced KYC Bot

Option with applied fee



Manual remediation by Blockpass operator  

Up to 1000 new users per month

Min.12 - month contract. Above 1,000 users a month

User Support

Technical Support and basic helpdesk resolution
In-depth verification support  
Advanced AML investigation    
Dedicated support email    
Support availability 8 hours/ day within 5 business days 8 hours/ day within 5 business days 8 hours/ day within 5 business days
Helpdesk initial response time Up to 24 hours Up to 6 hours Immediately/ Up to 3 hours

Customer Support

Questions about service and its functionality.
Service Development/ Customization
In-depth support in checking user’s profile  
Weekly report    


On-chain KYC(™)

For customers who prefer not to access user data, the Blockpass On-chain KYC service is a suitable option.


A Web3-enabled product for Enterprise clients

A zero-knowledge product for Businesses that do not want to collect KYC data of users but want to understand whether a crypto user has been verified.

Supported package

Enterprise Corporate

End-user support level

Managed Service

Dedicated Operator (if required)

Service Description

Service setup - The process for setting up the service is that the Business will decide on the rules for KYC, and Blockpass will enforce these rules on the Customer's behalf using the Dashboard.

Blockpass entirely manages the dashboard/ Support.

Data access - The Customer is not granted access to view the underlying data of users but can check the KYC status of users by using API keys.

Archived - The data is usually kept in the system for one month after a single event (such as the completion of a sale) or for two months for ongoing services, after which it is archived.

API reference

The following APIs are available for use with Blockpass KYC services:

API Keys Creation: Use this link ( to create API keys for your service account.

Dashboard API: This API ( allows you to query and extract the KYC status of users.

Archive Dashboard API: The archived dashboard API ( can archive data in the service dashboard. 



Automated approval and remediation Bots

Automated Bot Description

Auto-approve profiles which pass automated checks (CLEAR certificate result).

Auto-send users a notification of approval.

Free of charge.

Advanced KYC Bot

You can access the service dashboard and review flagged profiles identified by the automated verification system.

Auto-determine the reason for the flag, and update the user's status accordingly.

Auto-send a message to the user for resubmission or notification of non-acceptance.

Deduplication feature enabled


Feature - Deduplication

Definition The automatic system is run by the Advanced KYC Bot to spot duplicate profiles and take remediation.
Supported Plan Enterprise services enabled the Advanced KYC Bot
Purpose To prevent users from having more than one active (approved/rejected) registration on the service

The system finds duplicates in the Dashboard based on the following:

Duplicate crypto address;

Duplicate National ID document number

Duplicate Passport number

If there are duplicate profiles, then:

Keep the account that is APPROVED as original

Set other duplicate accounts to BLOCK status

If more than one APPROVED account, set the earliest Profile as original and the later Profile as duplicate (set to BLOCK status).
SLA The Advanced KYC Bot runs the deduplication every 12 hours.

Customers need to register the Advanced KYC Bot to enable the Deduplication feature.

When a profile has received all the necessary certificates, it goes through the KYC verification process and then the deduplication process. Sometimes a profile already approved or rejected may get blocked because of duplicate issues.

Start onboarding service with Blockpass by following this instruction: 




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