The Advanced KYC Bot is a remediation system tailored specifically for Enterprise customers. It meticulously reviews profiles flagged by the automated verification system. 

By automating reviews and actions for flagged profiles, the Advanced KYC Bot empowers businesses to:

✅ Enhance Efficiency: Free up internal resources for other critical tasks. 

✅ Improve Scalability: Effectively manage to increase KYC volumes without expanding manual review teams.

✅ Maintain Consistency: Ensure consistent application of verification criteria across all profiles.


How it Works:

Blockpass activates the Advanced KYC Bot at a customer's request. Blockpass can customize six key parameters to align with the customer's requirements.


🔎Understanding the Parameters:

Country Blocking: Also known as Nationality Blocking. This feature allows for nationality-based screening, scanning profiles based on the country issuing the provided identity document to block if the country belongs to the blocklist.

Automatic actions

  • 'Auto-Approve All Clear Certificates ': Seamlessly approves profiles that pass all automated checks without further review.
  • 'Auto-Reject': Analyzes the reason for a flagged profile and automatically updates the user's status accordingly. This includes notifying the user for resubmission with additional information or clarification.
  • 'Auto-Block': if there is an AML issue, the bot will block the user. More details on request. Blocks cases with 100% AML match result. Following this, it updates the user's status and sends a notification of non-acceptance.
  • 'Auto-Approve Minor Issues': allows for the automatic approval of profiles with minor discrepancies in ID or AML checks, potentially reducing manual review workload.
  • 'Enhanced Due Diligence': Tailored for Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) services, this parameter facilitates the collection of additional user information, such as the source of funds and wealth, via a Blockpass Form.

Additional Functionality:

Deduplication: The bot actively identifies and prevents duplicate profiles within the service. This ensures data integrity and eliminates the possibility of conflicting information.

RefID Sync: This feature caters to services that want to leverage the latest submitted wallet address of a user as a reference ID (RefID) for querying their KYC status using the API. This ensures the status update reflects the most recent information.




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