1. Are you using the KYB Form of a third party to collect our company profile?

No, the KYB Form is developed and owned by Blockpass. Therefore, your company information shared with Blockpass is directly received and stored in the Blockpass database.


2. I submitted the KYB Form but would like to change a document on that, can I edit the previous KYB submission?

Unfortunately, you cannot edit your previous submission. Please make a new KYB submission and contact us to confirm which submission you wish to use, or you can contact us at to require updating the document.


4. I am the Authorised Representative but wish to assign that role to another colleague, can I?

Yes, you can confirm via email with reasonable reason. However, the nominated Authorised Representative must be one of the controllers listed in your KYB submission (for example the director). 

Your KYC status and company KYB status are ‘Pending’ in this circumstance. The customer receiving your KYB report will decide whether they can onboard you. 


5. Our Business does not have enough required documents, can you approve the KYB report as an exception?

We cannot approve your KYB report if we cannot collect all the required documents. Please make sure to prepare enough company documents so that we can verify and complete the KYB report for you.


6. Could you please provide an example of how and what information about our company that will be shared?

Regarding the KYB report that will be shared, it will consist of the information and documents below:

- Your registered office, your business jurisdiction, and the status of your KYB report (Completed/ Pending). 

- The name, the email address, and the KYC status of the Authorised Representative and the Controllers that were verified. 

- The corporate documents and AML check result of your company.

Kindly note that we will not share the personal data of the company officers or Authorised Representative (the personal documents of directors/shareholders) with our Clients.


7. Our Business already has had a complete KYB report with Blockpass, can I re-use it to share with your other customers?

You need to reshare your company profile via the KYB form provided by another service with up-to-date information. Your company will be verified based on submitted data to that service.




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