Blockpass offers a comprehensive suite of verification services to ensure the legitimacy and security of your identity and transactions. Here's a breakdown of what Blockpass verifies:

Identity document Authenticity Verification

When verifying identity documents, Blockpass employs a meticulous three-step process.

  • Capture a clear image: Users are required to capture a live image of their document.
  • Advanced OCR and Security Checks: Blockpass uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read and verify the information on your document, ensuring it matches government templates. Additionally, the OCR scans for security features in the machine-readable zone to identify potential forgeries.
  • Tampering Detection: Blockpass meticulously analyzes the document image for any signs of manipulation or alteration.

Blockpass accepts a wide range of government-issued identification documents. See details at List of Identity Documents supported by Blockpass.

Face Match Check

To verify facial identity, users must provide live selfie images from three different angles, which are then compared against the photo in the identity document.

Sanction lists and PEP Screenings

For customers opting for the Plus or Enterprise Plan with AML check, Blockpass scans Sanctions lists, Politically Exposed Person (PEP) records, and Adverse Media data. 

Source: The sanctions lists we check as part of AML

Proof of Address Verification

This process involves comparing data, including the user's name, residential address, proof of address issue date, and IP location.

Refer to the Proof of address standard at How do I complete "Proof of Address" verification?

Crypto Address Check (Unhosted Wallet KYC)

  • Wallet Connection: Users connect their crypto wallet to Blockpass to confirm ownership.
  • Signature Verification: Blockpass checks the validity of the provided signature to ensure the user controls their submitted wallet.

Crypto AML Check

This assessment gauges the risk associated with the user's submitted wallet, determining if it is linked to illicit activities such as dark market dealings, gambling, client deposits, or large transactions over 10k.

Wallets supported for Wallet Check:

Type of wallets Crypto Address check Crypto AML check
Ethereum address
Bitcoin address  
Waves address    
Polygon (Matic) address
Binance (BSC) address
Cardano (ADA) address  
Solana (SOL) address    
Flow (FLOW) address    
Avalanche address Check is conducted separately outside the dashboard on the Ethereum Layer1 network.
Arbitrum address Check is conducted separately outside the dashboard on the Ethereum Layer1 network.

By utilizing Blockpass's verification services, you can ensure a secure and trustworthy environment for your online interactions.




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