Blockpass stores a hash of your data on its own servers. 

What is a hash? It is an encrypted “digital footprint,” or fixed-size alphanumeric string of data. Elements of your Identity are put through a ‘hashing’ mechanism. This process creates a random string of digits that represents your personal data. If even one pixel or letter in your personal data is changed, this hash will be 100% different. This process allows for an anonymous representation of your data to be stored without risk of a centralized data breach. Hash is a one-way function and can't be decrypted back.

Data in your mobile app. Any source information specified or a document uploaded to the mobile application will only stay in the mobile application, until the moment you choose to share it with a Verifier or a Third Party Service Provider.

Only you have access to your mobile application and data stored within the mobile app, and you decide how to use it and who to share it with.






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