If you are going to submit your KYC profile to an Enhanced KYC Verification service, you must go through two layers of the KYC verification check:


1. Profile Submission to Blockpass

You are required to submit your personal data via the KYC link provided by the service that you would like to onboard.

Please make sure that you submit:

- Live picture of your physical valid Identity Document

- Live selfie picture

- Valid proof of address ( Blockpass Standard:

If you pass the KYC, you are allowed to move to the second step. 

If the verification fails then we will REJECT your profile and ask you to re-submit a valid document/information.


2. Live KYC Verification (Interview)

Once you pass the first KYC Verification, you will receive an email including the link to the second verification round, please make sure you enter the correct personal information into the Form. You will then be contacted to join an interview with our operator.



Your profile is approved only when you can pass both verification steps. If one of them fails, your profile is not accepted.

For more support, kindly liaise with








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