The 'PLAN' Tab allows you to select an appropriate plan for your service, configure your service, and add your bank card details.

1. Select a Plan for your service

  • Visit the PLAN tab in the Admin Console.
  • Select a plan based on your needs:
    • Free Plan: Limited functionalities, data not verified.
    • Paid Plans: Verified data, various pricing options.
  • Paid plans require company information before registration.

Payment methods:


2. Onboard your service

Refer to the following table to understand the next steps you should take to finish onboarding your service.

Plan Onboarding assistance Instruction
Pay-as-you-go Plus/ Standard Self-onboarding
  • Refer to the guide for instructions on getting started with Blockpass.

Enterprise Plan

  • Update your payment information (section 3.1 below)
  • Complete the Enterprise Order Form sent to your email to register a Plan.
    • Blockpass will handle the next steps to get you started.
Enterprise Starter/ Growth


  • Blockpass will migrate your service.
  • You configure your service requirements (Section 3.2)
Enterprise Corporate Blockpass-onboarding
  • Blockpass will migrate and configure your service.

3. Configurate your service

3.1 Payment method

All plans require an up-to-date bank card (even for cryptocurrency payment method).

Add your bank card to the service by clicking ADD PAYMENT METHOD in the Plan tab.


3.2 Configuration - Enterprise Starter/ Growth

Customize your service requirements:

  • Toggle the ON/OFF button and click SAVEat the end of the process

After Blockpass confirms that the service is migrated to the correct Plan, you may need to proceed with the 'Configuration' steps:

  • Click EDIT CONFIGURATION and CONTINUEat the Plan tab.


Here, you can select the types of Identity Documents that are allowed to be submitted to your service by ticking or un-ticking the box accordingly.


This section is where you can specify the types of documents/information you want to collect from your users.

  • Personal attributes:
    • Default: Name, email, date of birth.
    • Optional: Address, Ethereum address, etc.
  • Age Restriction:

    • Set minimum age requirements.

  • Country Restrictions:

    • Exclude or accept residents from specific countries.
  • Approval/ remediation mode:

    • Manual: Review all profiles manually.

    • KYC Bot: Auto-approve profiles with CLEAR results. Flagged profiles require remediation.

    • Advanced KYC Bot (surcharge): Available in Enterprise plan. Auto-approve, auto-block, or auto-reject based on rules.


4. Service Ready to Use

Once complete, access the Shareable link in the Console to initiate integration or share it with your users.


KYC Dashboard Navigation

To access and verify user data submitted, navigate to the KYC Connect Dashboard at For more information, please refer to the help documentation.

Note: Company details can be edited after onboarding (inform Blockpass beforehand).


Optional Features for Enterprise Plans

Contact to configure the following features for your service:

  • Deduplication: Prevent duplicate accounts from being submitted.
  • RefID Sync: Use the submitted wallet address as a RefID.
  • Nationality Blocking: Block users from certain countries based on their IDs.
  • Blockpass Form: Collect additional data (e.g., source of funds, source of wealth).

The Advanced KYC Bot is required to enable the above features.




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