The 'PLAN' Tab allows you to select an appropriate plan for your service, configure your service, and add your bank card details.

1. Select a Plan for your service

In this section, you are able to choose the plan that suits your needs and requirements. The difference between a free plan and any of our paid plans is identity verification. Please note that the free plan is subject to a fair use requirement. Please check the Console and Plan section for details on fair use requirements.

You can request the same amount of personal information using a free plan, but the data will not be verified. If you choose a paid plan instead, you will not only receive the data from your users but also Certificates that contain the results of all the checks done by Blockpass.

We currently offer 3 paid plans:

Payment methods:


* For the Enterprise Plan, we require using a Bank Card for the first pre-payment.

If you require a customized plan, please select Enterprise and contact our Sales Team - with your requirements. Additionally, you may disregard the steps below, as Blockpass will handle the onboarding process for your service.


2. Service configuration - Payment methods

Here you can customize the requirements of your service in accordance with your needs or internal procedures. 

Note: Requirement changes do not apply retrospectively. If you have a user who already applied with different settings and you want them to apply in accordance with the new settings, you may need to delete their application from your dashboard and ask them to re-apply.

Changing the requirements is straightforward - just toggle the ON/OFF button and click SAVE at the end of the process

After selecting a Plan, then proceed to the 'Configuration' steps:

2.1 Verifications:

Here you can select the types of Identity Documents that are allowed to be submitted to your service by ticking or un-ticking the box accordingly

Click 'NEXT' to go to the second step

2.2 Onboarding

This section is where you can decide what kinds of documents/information you want to collect from your users

  • Personal attributes:

* Given name/ Family name/ Date of Birth/ Email are default information collected by Blockpass 

You can request additional information from your users during onboarding by ticking the box accordingly.

For instance, If you require to collect the 'Residential address' and 'Ethereum address' of users, please tick these box and leave the others blank.

  • Age restriction:

If this requirement is on, an additional setting will appear, which allows you to add/edit/remove the minimum age requirement for your service. If the criteria are not met, the user will not be able to apply to your service.

  • Country restrictions:

You can exclude residents from some countries or accept only residents of others. This option requires users to provide their Residential address.

Please make sure you turn on the 'Country restrictions' box before adding the banned list.

  • Approval mode:

There are three options in this section. Turn on the approval mode by clicking the option accordingly.

- Manual: Available in all Plans, this is selected when the customer wants to manually review all profiles submitted to the dashboard including ones that pass all checks.

- KYC Bot: Available in all Plans. When enabled, a profile with all verifications returning as CLEAR results is automatically approved and notified. If a profile is flagged by the Blockpass system, it is required to go through auto/ manual remediation.

- Advanced KYC Bot: Available inEnterpriseplan. The Advanced KYC Bot includes a set of pre-determined rules. The bot analyses the user's data and auto-approves, auto-blocks, or auto-rejects attributes based on verifications.

Note: Don’t forget to click the “Save” button.

2.3 Company

In this field you can see the company information that you filled in before creating your service, you can add new company details or change an existing company if you already added it in the past.

You can of course edit the company details after completing the onboarding procedure, please kindly inform Blockpass before you make any changes to your company profile. 

2.4 Payment method

No matter which plan you intend to use or if you want to pay by Crypto (Enterprise client), adding your payment card details is a mandatory requirement.

Note: You should ensure that your bank card details are up-to-date. In the event that Blockpass is unable to collect the payment, Blockpass reserves its right to terminate your access to the Service created.

For Enterprise services, Clients enter into a monthly subscription based on minimum use. In addition, a prepayment is required before starting an Enterprise Plan. Enterprise Clients must complete the prepayment by bank card and then are able to top up in cryptocurrency as well as via bank card in the second payment.

After all, click 'ENABLE' to start using your service.

The above guidance is applied to the 'PLUS' Plan. If you select the 'STANDARD' Plan, the only difference is that the verification will not include the 'AML check'. 

Upon completion of the process, access the verification link located in the Tools section of the Console to initiate integration if necessary, or alternatively, share it directly with your users.

If you pick the 'ENTERPRISE' Plan, Blockpass will send you a Telegram group link for priority support and an Enterprise Order Form to fill out your KYC requirements. Please note that your Enterprise service is not ready to use until we finish the onboarding process for you.





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