We understand that sometimes you might be confused about why an approved profile in your Service Dashboard is reverted. This article explains the circumstances making a KYC profile reverted and the effect that each brings. 

When it comes to reasons leading to a KYC status being changed, you first need to find out who/ which impacts the profile.


From the user’s side

  • A user updates their profile in your Dashboard

Users are able to update their profile in your service even after they are approved. This could be if, for example, a user wants to update you on a change of address or similar. Once a profile is updated and resubmitted to your service, it will go through the KYC process again and receive a new KYC status.

Note: that users cannot update you if their profile is blocked.


From other services

  • The user’s profile is rejected or reverted in other services

The user’s profile in your Dashboard will not be affected if he/she is rejected by other services.

  • The user uploads another document and resubmits their profile after being rejected in other services, will it affect the expiration of certificates in the customer's dashboard?

No, the user’s data is fixed in your dashboard. Any changes in their data from other services do not affect their status in your Dashboard.


From the profile itself

  • A certificate of the user's profile has expired after getting approval 

The KYC status in your Dashboard is not affected.

The user is asked to update their profile to renew their certificate if they want.

In case the certificate has expired due to the expired Identity Document, if the user would like to share their data with another service, they need to update the valid Identity Document before submitting their profile.



From the customer’s side

  • Update the Dashboard configuration

There may be a circumstance where the customer wants to change the configuration such as removing or adding an attribute, for example, proof of address, or telephone number.

If the customer removes an attribute, the KYC status of all existing profiles is not affected but the customer will lose the information of the attribute that the customer removes.

If a customer adds an attribute, a profile with rejected/waiting for review/Blocked status will have missing information, which requires users to update their profile and resubmit to the service. For approved profiles, the KYC status will not change but from the user's side, the system asks the users to fill in new information and resubmit.



[Enterprise Plan - Managed Service] Profiles undergoing quality control by Blockpass Operator

Blockpass Operator conducts quality control by randomly checking profiles approved or blocked by the auto-remediation system.

During this process, if an operator finds an issue, the operator may revert the KYC status of the user. Kindly note the following for customers using Blockpass' proof of address verification system under Enterprise services: in case a user submitted a valid proof of address and got approved, then if we audit and revert the approved status due to a deficiency of the profile we will require the user to resubmit valid documents again. 



For any resubmission action, users must ensure that the provided Proof of address and the Identity Document are valid.




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