For the data management and security purpose, this policy outlines how long your data is stored based on your chosen plan and activity level.

Data Retention Periods:

  • Free Plan: Data will be stored for 1 week after submission.
  • Pay As You Go (Standard & Plus):
    • Approved Records: Underlying data is archived 4 weeks after submission, but the approval status remains visible on your dashboard.
    • Other Statuses (Rejected/Blocked, etc.): Both data and status are deleted after 4 weeks.
    • Upgrade to Enterprise Plan for a longer retention period.
  • Enterprise Plan:
    • Enterprise plans (Starter, Growth, Corporate) offer extended storage based on your specific needs.
    • With the usage of more than 2,000 records, you need to switch to the Enterprise Growth Plan.
    • Upgrade to Enterprise Corporate is required if your data usage exceeds 5,000 records.

Understanding Your Needs:

We encourage you to review your chosen plan and data storage requirements. Upgrading to an Enterprise plan may be beneficial if you require longer data retention.

Contact Us:

For any questions regarding your data retention period or storage needs, please don't hesitate to contact Blockpass support.




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